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Port St. Lucie Public Adjuster

Outstanding Public Adjusting Services in Port St. Lucie

In Florida, many things can happen to your home. Every year homes are damaged by hurricanes, fires, sinkholes, and severe storms. It’s devastating of course. But that’s why you have insurance. Or so you thought. Sometimes the insurance nightmare afterward can only add to your misery.

Hiring a public adjuster to oversee your claims process can save you hours of stress and aggravation. And it can get you a fair settlement amount from your insurer. As you know, sometimes insurance companies love to plead poverty when it comes to paying for damages. They make a settlement offer that nowhere near covers the cost of damages or worse they deny your claim completely. That’s where we come in. We’re Knights Adjusting.

Exceptional Claims Negotiation

Once you bring us on board to handle your claims process, we spring into action. We handle all the paperwork, conduct our own thorough inspection of the damage, and are on-site while the insurer conducts their inspection. We negotiate the best settlement possible under the terms of your policy, often for a much larger amount than your insurer initially offers.

If you are preparing to file a claim, have received what you consider to be an unfair settlement amount, or had your claim denied outright then contact Knights Adjusting. We can help, and we will.

Contact Us – The Public Adjuster Near You

Our helpful team is waiting to assist you with more details about our services and how they can benefit you. Contact us today!

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