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Winter Park 
Public Adjuster

Expert Claims Adjusting Available in Winter Park

Have you recently received a claims settlement check from your insurance company that left you scratching your head? Did you think the check was missing a few zeroes at the end? If so, you’re not alone. Every year insurance companies pad their bank accounts with money that should have been paid out to homeowners in fair claim amounts. Most homeowners in your shoes either: Don't know their options or don't realize just how underpaid their claim was. 

Just because they have a team of professionals and attorneys on their side doesn't mean you should just cash that check and be quiet. There is an advocate available to you that can add some zeroes to that check where they should be. Knights Adjusting are the claims adjusting experts you need to ensure you get the fair claim amount you deserve.

We negotiate for an adequate settlement that you are happy with.

Our team of professionals arrives on-site to conduct our own inspection of the damage that is being claimed. No detail goes unnoticed. Absolutely everything relative to your claim is valued and put in a report for renegotiation with your insurer.

Whether you have a new claim, a disappointing claim amount, or were denied a claim altogether, we’re here for you and we can make it right. We have the experience and expertise to take on the insurance companies on your behalf.

Contact Us – The Claims Adjusting Specialists

Don’t cash that claim check until Knights Adjusting has reviewed your situation. Our knowledgeable team is ready now to provide more information on how our services can get you the fair amount due. Contact us today!

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