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Lakeland Public Adjuster

Outstanding Claims Adjusting for Lakeland Homeowners

Are you aware that thousands of rightly filed insurance claims are denied every day? As a homeowner, you put blind faith in your insurer that they will be there for you when your home is damaged. You expect them to be fair and make it right. After all, you have faithfully done your part by paying your premiums on time. But sadly, it doesn’t always turn out as it should.

Insurance companies deny or underpay claims every day. That’s why they’re worth billions. And no one will fight them for the fair amount owed because there’s an army of attorneys lined up to protect them from you. So what can you do? You call Knights Adjusting before you call anyone else.

Superior Claims Negotiation Near You

Our professional team has the experience necessary to negotiate on your behalf and get the fair claim amount you deserve. We arrive on-site to conduct our own damage inspection and prepare a detailed report for your insurer. No aspect of damage or cost is overlooked by our team. We’ll make sure your insurer treats you properly and pays you what they should.

Whether you’re about to file a new claim, have received an underpaid claim check, or your claim was denied outright, call Knights Adjusting. We have successfully negotiated bigger claim amounts in every one of these situations. We can do it for you too!

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Don’t file a claim before speaking to our team about your situation. We are waiting to provide more information on how our services can benefit you to the tune of thousands of dollars. Contact us today!

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