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If you've experienced damage to your home or property and plan to file an insurance claim, let us help you get what you deserve!  If you feel your insurer has failed to offer you a fair claim settlement or your claim has been denied or underpaid, let us help you. If being treated fairly is important to you, consider hiring Knights Insurance Adjusting and Estimating, LLC to represent your best interests and manage your property claim.

From the beginning we will document the damage to your home, show up to represent you at all inspections set up by your insurance company, handle your entire claims process, and negotiate a fair settlement under the provisions of your policy. 


If you have already received payment from your Insurance Company, and you are not happy with the amount; let us review your claim free of charge to ensure that you were paid fairly and nothing was hidden or left off of the table for you. Even after a settlement has been received by an insured, Knights Adjusting may still be able to negotiate for a higher amount.


If you don’t get paid, neither do we!

Orlando & Surrounding Areas

Lakeland & Surrounding Areas

Tampa & Surrounding Areas

Daytona Beach & Surrounding Areas

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